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19 03, 2016

The Top 2 Stretches Almost Everyone Needs – Part 3

March 19th, 2016|

I promised you the top 2 stretches almost everyone needs, and we’ve just gone over the #1 tightest muscle group — the hamstrings.  I showed you how to assess your own hamstring flexibility, then how to fix your tight hamstrings with one of my favorite ham stretches.

And now we’re going to talk about the 2nd tightest muscle group I […]

16 03, 2016

The Top 2 Stretches Almost Everyone Needs – Part 2

March 16th, 2016|

If you guessed that the hamstring is the #1 tightest muscle in most people’s body, you’re right!  Which is why I end up prescribing more hamstring stretches than any other stretch for my patients.

Now let’s look at why they’re so tight, how to check your own hamstring flexibility, and how easy it is to get back the mobility you’ve lost.

Why are […]

14 03, 2016

The Top 2 Stretches Almost Everyone Needs – Part 1

March 14th, 2016|

Stretching is one of the most powerful self-treatment tools on the planet.  Ever wondered what stretches you should be doing, and how often you should be doing them?

Today we’ll cover the top 2 stretches that most people need, show you how easy they are, and even give you a video demo so you can start using them right away!

Why stretch […]

1 10, 2015

New Study: Calcium Supplements Don’t Prevent Osteoporosis

October 1st, 2015|

It looks like taking calcium supplements and drinking plenty of milk may not prevent osteoporosis after all.

In a recent analysis of over 100 previous studies, researchers found that increasing your calcium intake (through supplements or dairy) does NOT reduce your risk of osteoporosis or hip fracture.

Osteoporosis (or “brittle bone disease”) can cause bones to become weak and prone […]

23 09, 2015

Study: Awkward Positions Increase Risk of Back Pain by 800%

September 23rd, 2015|

If you’ve had sharp lower back pain after moving a piece of bulky furniture, painting a hard-to-reach ceiling or maneuvering a child’s car seat into your back seat, you’re not alone.  As an Austin Chiropractor, I see patients with this story virtually every day.

In fact, the Word Health Organization (WHO) reports that back pain has a greater impact on […]

31 08, 2015

New Study: A Non-Surgical Fix For Knee Arthritis?

August 31st, 2015|

Knee cartilage damage is my least favorite knee injury to diagnose in clinic.  Why?  Because there is so little I — or any healthcare provider — can do to help the patient.  But there’s a promising new therapy on the horizon that has me more than a little excited for these patients.

To be clear, there are TWO kinds of […]

13 04, 2015

The Top 4 Reasons I Prescribe Massage Therapy for my Patients

April 13th, 2015|

As an Austin chiropractor and rehab provider, my daily patient roster includes everyone from elite athletes to active moms to folks in the tech industry who sit for a living. They come to see me for a wide range of issues, from shoulder injuries to knee surgeries to back pain and headaches.

In the course of evaluating these patients, treating […]

26 03, 2015

When Injuries Are Good For You

March 26th, 2015|

It seems counter-intuitive, I know.  How could a sports injury like an ankle sprain, a meniscus tear or even a broken bone actually be good for you?  The answer might be surprising.

First let’s define what an injury actually is.  An injury happens when you ask a particular body part to do a job that is beyond its capacity, and […]

5 01, 2015

My New Year’s Manifesto

January 5th, 2015|

I’m typically not a big New Year’s resolution-maker, but this year I’ve found myself thinking more about the year past, and about what changes I want to make in the year upcoming.

Resolutions always seem to be about changing our behavior for the better, which is something we can all benefit from, of course.  Losing weight, exercising more, eating better, […]

4 12, 2014

Chronic IT Band Pain: The 3 Principles of Recovery

December 4th, 2014|

While I may be a chiropractor in Austin, I do occasionally hear from folks around the country with questions about recovering from sports injuries.  Recently I received an email from an ER doctor who is dealing with his own knee pain due to iliotibial band issues, and he had some excellent questions about rehabilitating his injury.  Here is part […]